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Yit – Your International Training Mallow  – Ireland

13 Dic 2013

At the heart of Your International Training Mission is the EU objective of the Erasmus+ Programme, the easy transfer of skills and the mobility of labour across the European Union. With this aim Yit plans to prepare and disseminate projects that have real outcomes. Many of Yit former trainees have acquired work in Ireland as a result of Yit placement, training and monitoring program. Many more still in college have acquired summer work as a result of the value they have added to the companies in which they were placed.

Your International Training  premium circle of host families works to integrate the trainee into the environment where they encourage to participate in the language and culture of the country where their skills have honoured even further. Yit works and partners with all European projects, and provides preparatory english courses for work placements. Classes concentrate on the listening and speaking skills which prepare candidates to work in a English language speaking environment.  Yit co-operates with teachers, trainers and professionals. Designing seminars, workshops and training days in order to facilitate the objectives of the European mobility projects. 



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